GE SOLAR INVERTER services provided under the framework of GE Solar Inverter Portal (hereinafter referred to as "GE Solar Inverter Portal") website and other platforms (hereinafter referred to as "Platform") are subject to the following product, service and data usage terms (hereinafter referred to as "service"). For example, the data collection, management and presentation of energy technology equipment and systems (hereinafter referred to as "system"). The user of this service may be the operator of the system, or it may be a third party who conducts transactions on his behalf, especially the installer of the system.


● You should read carefully (minors should read with a guardian) and fully understand the terms of this User Registration Agreement, including exemptions from or limitations of  GE SOLAR INVERTER's liability and restrictions on users' rights.

● Unless you accept this agreement, the user has no right or need to continue to accept GE SOLAR INVERTER's services, you can withdraw from this registration. The user agrees to accept and continue to use GE SOLAR INVERTER's services and assumes that the user has fully accepted this agreement. Once this agreement is signed, it has legal effect. Please carefully consider whether to accept this agreement.

● After you sign this agreement, this text may be amended due to changes in national policies, products, and the environment in which this agreement is performed. The revised agreement is published on the relevant platform. If you disagree with the revised agreement, please stop logging in and stop using GE SOLAR INVERTER products and services immediately. If you log in or continue to use GE SOLAR INVERTER products, you are deemed to approve the revised agreement.

Field of Application

● This Terms of Use stipulates access to the platform and use of GE SOLAR INVERTER's website, system features, data and services.

● When users use one or more services, they must acknowledge these terms of use and sign an usage agreement with GE SOLAR INVERTER, which has established these terms of use.

● The platform may provide fee-based services that are not only subject to these terms of use but also subject to legal conditions. Specific terms of use will be displayed in the corresponding ordering process, and service statements paid for the site are not legally binding. In the case of a valid contract for a fee-for service, its conclusion is limited only by the specific conditions of each transaction.

● Platform users must expressly endorse these terms of use when using the fee-based services. Users' general terms and conditions will be excluded, and users are not entitled to such general terms and conditions. This clause also applies in the context of the ongoing business relationship between the user and GE SOLAR INVERTER, this also applies to the general ordering and procurement of users who apply for services or products instead of charging for services.

Use and Registration

● Specific services are only available to registered users. GE SOLAT INVERTER company can define access standards or grant access to registry areas. For users who meet these standards, GE SOLAR INVERTER can also grant access to their specific services.
Users must register when using a service. Registered users will receive a password or user data identification. Users must keep these access data confidential.

● If a registered user meets the conditions for applying for a fee-based service, the user is entitled to use the services and functions provided in the directory text according to the terms of use.

● If the user does not use the paid service, GE SOLAR INVERTER may approve, restrict, cancel the user's right to use the service, approved service and application. As far as the charging service is concerned, GE SOLAR INVERTER has the right to restrict the user's access every time, and in the case of compliance with the conditions described in this article or other unfinished matters, it may also completely prevent users from accessing the necessary range.

● If the user accesses or uses services that affect third-party data, such as transferring data from a photovoltaic power plant with inverters and data communications to a website. According to this clause, the user can do this only by obtaining prior consent of all legal third parties (including obtaining a third-party data protection statement), or the user logs in as a third party or registers for use of the service, the user must confirm that he/she has obtained a prior statement (including a receipt of a third-party data protection statement) that the corresponding legal third-party authorized to log in and use the corresponding system.

● Users must inform GE SOLAR INVERTER at the earliest time of any loss or dispute arising from the misuse of data. After GE SOLAR INVERTER has been informed, we will take the necessary countermeasures. Especially in an event of a misuse, GE SOLAR INVERTER will prevent users from further using or applying for services. Unlawful use or unauthorized use of the site for destructive access results in overloading the site (For example, sending a lot of announcements or messages [spam]) or causing undue harm to other users, causing the spread of such viruses and Trojans.

Use Restriction

● The website and the services it provides are developed by the GE SOLAR INVERTER and protected by copyright. GE SOLAR INVERTER has the right to use and publish these terms of use.

● Users can only use the searched information and network service results within the framework of this article and use the fee-based services according to the corresponding effective special conditions. In any case, users must not use computer programs (such as crawlers) to read data automatically.

● Users may not copy, reproduce, or publish platform content unless they have the consent of the corresponding copyright holder. However, within the framework of the platform's functionality, GE SOLAR INVERTER grants users the right to disclose to third parties or use the website's data system. (For example, photovoltaic plants with converters and data transmission equipment) Only with GE SOLAR INVERTER's written permission, users can use the retrieved information and the services provided by GE SOLAR INVERTER.

Make Changes to Platform Content

● GE SOLAR INVERTER reserves the right to make changes, additions, and deletions to the design and content of the Platform and may suspend the service temporarily or permanently without prior notice.

● For the paid services affected by this, GE SOLAR INVERTER will provide users with alternative services of equivalent value or return some fees to the users.

● In the event of a claim arising out of a change in the terms of use, termination of the service or website, the user will not be entitled to claim damages, compensation or other claims.

User's Own Content

Users can create their own content on the platform. These terms of use allow the following operation:

● With enough memory in the database, users can create their own content or authorize others to create content. Users do not have the right to request disclosure of content submitted or permanently stored on the site. GE SOLAR INVERTER assumes no responsibility for the correctness and form of content posted by users. In addition, users must ensure the rights of third parties, and ensure that third-party trademarks, copyrights, and personal property are not infringed.

● Users may not publish content on violence, pornography, discrimination, and may not publish content that infringes other individuals' personal honors or other violations of law and ethics.

Legal Warranty and Liability

● GE SOLAR INVERTER does not assume any responsibility for the authenticity, timeliness, correctness, completeness or quality of information provided.

● If there is no evidence that a major error was intentionally caused by GE SOLAR INVERTER, and the user uses free information, error information or incomplete information to cause damage to the material or natural knowledge, GE SOLAR INVERTER shall not be liable for it. This applies to injury caused by loss of use rights, loss of data or damage to production. GE SOLAR INVERTER is only responsible for the typical data recovery costs that occur during the routine production and risk production.

● For the content obtained from the service and whether the service achieves the corresponding purpose, it will be checked and verified by the user. GE SOLAR INVERTER clearly stated that the revenue information provided was for user notification only and did not require the user to pay or provide evidence of claims for energy feeds to grid operators. As far as the status of the current website is concerned, it is not possible to meet 100% of the user's data use requirements.

● The terms of special conditions apply to incidents caused by defects in charging services and related liabilities arising from breach of contractual obligations for paying services.

● GoodWe Technologies Co., Ltd (GoodWe) shall be liable for the services (including GE Solar Inverter Portal) in respect of GE Solar Inverter provided by GoodWe or any of GoodWe’s subsidiaries regarding GE SOLAR INVERTER, where General Electric Company has no liability.

● GoodWe hereby commits GoodWe is subject to responsible for this Term of Use/ Data Protection Statement. The Term of Use/ Data Protection Statement shall apply to all series of GE Solar Inverter manufactured by GoodWe, including GEP series, GEH series, GER series, GEC series and GEF series Solar Inverters.

Changes to Terms of Use

GE SOLAR INVERTER reserves the right to make legal changes to the terms of use at any time or to make changes to the Terms for practical reasons. GE SOLAR INVERTER will promptly announce changes to the terms before the updated terms of use come into effect. If there is no user's objection to the change of the terms of use within two weeks, the clause will take effect. In notifying changes to the terms of use, GE SOLAR INVERTER will indicate to the user that they have the right to object to changes in the terms and subsequent matters.

Data Protection and Information Recorder

The data protection statement applies to the use of the platform. Information about the use of the information logger can be browsed or printed here.


GE is a registered trademark of General Electric Company and is used under license by GoodWe  Technologies Co., Ltd.